Thursday, 31 March 2011

reminds me of summerrr

smokehouses to batik factories

Gambia 2011

all things pretty

SO i was really inspired by this photograph i took of a rose for one of my art projects and it got me thinking about all things pretty in fashion at the moment. Luckily its a trend thats returning for good so lets whack out the ballet pumps and tutu's. 


SO to cut it short, for some unknown reason i love aubergines then i told one of my teachers who found a dress MADE OUT OF AUBERGINES! how amazing! so i thought what other foods do i love?? hence the dress made out of hundreds of teabags. I loved doing it and will hopefully carry on making outfits from food. my two favourite things in the world everrrr! The designers name is Sung Yeoju, he also made dresses out of bubblegum and leeks, a designer well worth a google!

Sooooo it only lasted for a little while but i took a photograph of my clothes for a couple of days everyday, but given the restricted clothing guidelines at my school (which i am currently battling with everyday!!) i felt it got a bit boring and repetative with black, black and more black! So i'm on a hunt, for a block coloured suit. i need a matching skirt/jacket piece to knock out those growling teachers who complain every assembly about my trousers/hair/jacket/skirt/dress. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

my favourite shoes ever in the world everrr

Unfortunately i've had to replace them now... with an identical new pair, because you could see the marine blue nail polish on my toes through the holes but they are oh so comfy and seem to go with every sing outfit i own. So i bought them in every colour going :))